Monday, December 16, 2013

Rough -17/12/2013


"Forgiveness is for anyone who gives up hope for a better past." -Buddy Wakefield

I'll never be able to undo the damage others already did her
I got here as soon as I could

I missed reliving her dead ends
through with one way streets
been trying to hold her
like an apologetic prayer
for a better past

smooth talked re-enacting
rough treatment at least
she know now my hands
soft enough that I won't
make it any worse

that is mercy
she is poetry
and I am late

I've been holding her
desperate as the promise
you know you can't keep

some people out there know
what my real name is now
what I tried to do to help
why I can't stay

she won't forgive me
any less than she'll understand
my reasons for leaving

I got here
I got to her
soon as I could
am leaving now
and it's already

a little later than I should.





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