Monday, December 23, 2013

(a link to) Randall Stephens' 2014 bio


Eh let's face it, this is about the only new piece of writing you're getting out of me before 2014, so here is, enjoy.  No okay, really I'm just sticking it here so I have a quick link for it when people ask in future.  I'm all about the future, right now.

Meanwhile, we're almost ready to band-camp my album for digital download. Then you'll have no excuse. 



Approximately 14 Billion years ago an infinitely dense and massive singularity exploded, creating the universe.  Then nothing much happened.  In 1980 “The Empire Strikes Back” came and Randall Stephens was born.

He writes poetry about other poetry, cycling, sexuality, masculinity, dinosaurs and your boyfriend.  People have called Randall controversial. Randall has called people losers, they’re both right.

Randall is currently living in Denial, and has toured extensively through other emotional states throughout Australia, as well as New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and Borneo. He's also competed in slams in London and New York but didn’t do that well, so don’t tell him I mentioned that.

His work has been published by erotic fiction label Little Raven, Australian Poetry’s online journal Sotto, and broadcast on 3RRR and 3CR radio.  Randall currently serves as President of the Melbourne Poets Union, helping to organise, curate and hosts regular monthly readings.

His newly re-jigged album Product is now available at with a third of the proceeds being donated to Asylum Seeker Resource Centre. Meanwhile, he continues blogging poetry at 'Tales Told by an Idiot' (

He also hates re-writing his bio, and has vowed not to do so again for a while.

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Happy holidays folks. Let's make 2014 a better one.



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Here's to a splendid 2014 on every imaginable level! Cheers, mate :)