Monday, December 30, 2013

Height -02/01/2014


notta life or death
sleepless obsession
I don't need
don't want her
to save me

there are still days
where this thing
feels about as good
a fit for me
as stand up comedy
for Mahatma Ghandi

when this dizzying climb
just makes me think
all these vertical feet
I'm bound to one day fall

but for now
if she can just
keep making it hard
to get outta bed,
and feign an interest
in Star Trek

and remind me use
the vegetables
before they go off

and take the fucking photo

if I can keep bugging her
to quit smoking

keep making her laugh
with her whole face
and I do not pretend
to understand
anything about dub-step,
menstrual moods
or bleeding hearts

then yeah

we'll make it through, love.




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