Wednesday, January 9, 2013

no you are -09/01/2013


Used to argue with my father
'cause it was the only way
we could actually connect

beginning to wonder now
if this isn't becoming true
of how I relate
to everybody else

so if I don't bite back at you
it's not out of diplomacy
or born from some hard-found wisdom
not because I'm a nice guy

I just don't have anything to invest in you

and I might be poorer for that
not sure

economy isn't my strong suit

...just ask Dad.


Well, with my over-arching (and always slighty pretensious) end of year poem still stubbornly refusing to finish itself, today I figured I'd just sticky tape a bunch if tweets together, and get 2013 rolling here.

This seems an appropriately inappropriate way begin. 'Mad quixotic hubris' ...see I waited all last year to have an excuse yo use that phrase. Never came up. Typical 2012 bullshit. So glad you and your Mayan prophecies are out if my life.




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