Friday, January 25, 2013

The Blemish on Musgrave Park -January 26th 2013


I had to demolish your tent embassy
Just before Christmas
couldn’t let you
enshrine my indifference
over the holidays

what’s the problem?
we already got a day
to do that

I recognised your right to exist
like forty five years ago
stopped stealing your children
not long after that

I apologised four years back
recognised your fifty thousand years
in the last twenty
what's the problem with that?

why are you trying to make me feel bad
about things
I have

why we are we still even talking about this
why use words like peace
it’s not like I ever declared war on you
more than a handful of times

can’t you get over it
can’t you be more like me
can't you keep things tidy
can’t you stop crying
can’t you stop bleeding
can’t you get out the way
can’t you just
somewhere else

I’m trying to have a barbecue here

what's the problem with that?


I love my country enough
that I have to believe
it can withstand the truth about itself

I'm not out celebrating today
I'd like to say it's in solidarity
with my few indigenous friends
and all the great people I've me and worked with
over the years

but you'd smell bullshit on me
and hypocrisy can leave some real nasty stains

I'm just too hungover



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