Wednesday, January 25, 2012

'STRYA - January 26th


Yes - I am going to think you're a moron if I see you wrapped in an Australian flag

no - that doesn't mean I hate this country
or anyone in it

anyone at all

yes - I think this is a wonderful country
to live in

and no
I don't think it's at all ironic
to use the very freedom given to you
in a free and democratic society
just to point out it's many shortcomings

I think
that is actually the point of having freedom

and you're missing it
when you clothe yourself in symbols

Freedom belongs in this country
but not to this country
it came here
like everything and everyone came here
it is struggling here

Freedom is still trying to assimilate here

you can invade a place
to turn back every other boat
but you cannot own a land
that washes you away at a whim

you can wrap a flag around your flab
carve five stars on your back
but you can't claim sovereignty
over a sky

and - yes
I will think you a moron, if you try


Happy invasion day. I wasn't born here, I don't feel guilty for living here... I'm just a little embarrassed by some of my co-inhabitants, is all.




Helen said...

This is perfect. My thoughts exactly

msdebbie said...

I love the tone of this poem. ticks a lot of boxes for me - smart, funny, inclusive, cool!