Sunday, January 8, 2012

Black Book -09/01/2012


Thumbs through his black book
for crumbs
though it's not actually black
nor a book
or a list
of options very likely

it's a few too few to name
on speaking terms with
a three ring circus of
badly juggled balls
old tricks unfunny
and antiquated cruelty
that he's already called on
too many times before

it's a shortlisted transcript
of misanthropic entropy
spiraling reductionism
circling around a drain
of hands-in-his-pockets
and notated misogyny

it's hoping to think his way out of
a room with a phone that won't ring
a staring contest with a weekend
that won't blink

his black-book a band aid
covering the scrape of waking up
a daze into weeks
where did everybody go?

it's end result gestalt of
he doesn't-need-nobody
turning bodily on it's head
to where instead
nobody needs him

so he thumbs for crumbs
through that black book
though it's not actually black
nor a book
really just a blank space
where he got stuck

and now needs to turn a page.




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