Thursday, January 19, 2012

'A Bullet Between the Eyes of Every Panda That Won't Screw to Save its Species' -20/01/2012


chomp at the bit off sentence
swallowing down the urge
to tell you- go fuck yourself
that seems so imperative now
knowing it may not seem so important

know this from experience
inside out a simmering stomach
a flexing jaw
clenched face knuckle dance
on an every-ready keypad
breathing a fire
that might burn me
back draft

once I calm down

so I hold back
from punching you in the opinion
planting my flag in your eye socket
to send you home so sorry
you ever dared fuck with me
stop short
shit eating the grin
of a bigger man

I've one man paraded down
enough years of my own wreckage
to know I couldn't continue
down that path

and you can
call it wisdom
or cowardice
call it patience
maturity maybe
not to mouth off
give as good as I get
say something I regret

but right now
you deserve big face-fulls of me
I think
and kinda just wish we'd met

when I still lived my rough edges




1 comment:

TimT said...

Not sure what it is in me, the geek or the caveman, or the geek-caveman, but I really love internet fights. Trouble is they do seem to get very heated very quickly - something about not being able to see anyone's face. After I went to a few blog meets, though, my appetite for long internet arguments faded - it would just seem so weird, chatting amiably in a pub with people you'd been arguing with possibly just hours ago.

I won't ask what prompted this poem but I am curious... cheers Randall!