Sunday, July 24, 2011

Twin Tower Tease -24/07/2011


They struck night out of the car air

against our trip back from Bangsar
conversation rocked to a stop
impossible in vertical in person
straight up eye to eye
and I
finally got it...

skyscraper cum temples

hideously wonderful
twin tower money minarets
beacons for eastern petrol barons

The Petronas Towers

may be the most beautiful things
I barely saw
before being swallowed again
by a greedy and eager
underling skyline.

Those two,
they teased emerald
stood obstinate
and like another and next-best irony~
that you can't see Everest
from its first base camp

they disappeared behind lesser peaks,
office blocked.

Went back looking around Kuala Lumpur
and couldn't find them hiding anywhere
funnier for the fact
from what I remember,

they didn't strike me
like European super model
as the sort of sight
that would care

to hide itself away from you.




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