Sunday, July 17, 2011

Lost and Found In Singapore -18/07/2011



-a surprising difficulty finding a hostel in Singapore
-a propensity of Indian food places to run out of Idly just before you get there
-a re-ignition of one's tendency to dislike travelling couples
-one growing hole in travel bag
-six extras kilograms of weight previously discarded (no, not on the bag scales)
-one new cellphone number, again
-a revelation that talking to oneself can actually escalate into outright (and out-loud) arguments with oneself
-a sudden interest in chewing-chewing gum
-that of all the food courtiers, the Chinses ones make the worst vegetarian food (or the least imaginative and most MSG-laden anyway)
-pretentious and smug self-satisfaction at being able to use chopsticks (look! look!)
-a ravenous addiction to canned strawberry tea.


-three travel buddies
-one bookmark, and it's spot
-shoulder blades that can carry a bag around all day without complaining
-two litres of sweat
-any high-minded carbon-footprint-in-mouth hypocritical disdain for air-conditioning (was last seen in the area of 35 Celsius -possibly it went right out the window around then...)
-the piece of paper where I wrote down the name of that really cool black fruit my couch-surfing host showed me
-a propensity to hold my tongue and not bitch about Melbourne when prompted,
-an interest in German backpackers whining about their whiny girlfriends,
-ability to resist temptation to take photos of every single warning sign or set of pubic instruction one encounters, including the 'no photography' sign
-some hours sleep
-a sense of wonder
-that head torch I never use anyway,

and the plot.

(If any of these found items are yours, please contact management immediately. If left unclaimed they will be thrown out in five working days).




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