Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Writing Exercise -28/09/2010

This morning
due to a new cough,
and far too phlegmatic,

for me
to ignore,

I will miss
my morning push ups
that they will, however,

miss me
even more.


With my songwriting attempts lately I've been trampling around different arrangements of beats and syllables, trying to get my head around the differences in matching these up to make things sound right.

The release of this blog into the wild is not a signal of my success, as much as it an admission of complete failure, coupled with an anxious need to stop staring at the same small collection of lines over and over and...

Ironically, this little poem has been sitting in my drafts for three months, and the bit that was stopping my finishing it was the inclusion of a line about it being three months since I last missed the exercise.



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