Saturday, September 25, 2010

>:-D -25/09/2010


Everything new
gets blamed for our same
old problems.


You'd think this was all post-the death of conversation
stated clap-tongue and facebook-flagged for notification
seen unaided conversation kills after too many close calls
now they pretend they'd be non-stop socialites
if only the Internet didn't exist at all.


Too much of anything
is not enough of something else


and spending all your time at home
is bad for your health


we don't communicate anymore

this place has lost it's soul

these are times of such intolerance

and it was so much better back then

or some shit.
< :-/

'cause as soon as I say it you all nodded along to it

you all liked it shared it commented on it

felt it simpatico
< 3

while we're needing to believe in something better though

we all feel better that we all made it the same

everyone from my old high school turned out fat and boring and stayed right where

(they are)

and they found me and didn't want to talk to me too long after they found out

(I didn't)


...and everytime I look at mirrors for too long
I walk away with pinches all over my face

from trying to kill all the pimples
that no one else could have seen at close range.

Every generation
finds the world on the edge of destruction

and the brink of madness

Every generation
sees art and culture die a thousand deaths

amid endless pain, suffering and sadness

And amidst all this devastation
every generation
sees weeds keep growing
and out of the cracks of our relationship status
to the rest of the planet
turning as it will keep burning,
right down to embers
try and remember
that this generation

(we didn't invent alienation)

anymore than the next will end it
and I don't think we're done in yet.

But if it turns out we are

(don't worry)


Your friends will tell you just as quickly as they can.




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