Sunday, September 19, 2010

Big Splash -7/10/2010


I'm not afraid of you anymore.

I may look silly
in wearing this hat
but you will look sillier
in accusing me of that.

I'm made of out accusations
one hundred percent
entirely composed
of failed sticks and stones
and heaped lies in piles
of vitriolic sneers
hurled threats and jeers.

I stink
and I sweat
and I think
you ain't seen nothing yet
I'm like a big shit snowball
whose going to go rolling,
right over you all.

Tell you what...
well I could tell you
what I believe
what I think
and how it mixes with
what I feel.

But I don't believe
you're a good listener
which I think,
in turn makes you
lousy to listen to
and I feel like
you should have by now
figured out
that connection.

All on your own.

are what I'm up against
where I've put myself
in the firing line with you
and I'll keep firing lines
against you.

An unmoving target
having nothing to prove
proves nothing
so I'm out to prove
that everything here
needs to be improved
and I need proof
before I can hope
that you can
anything of that at all.

You've talked your circles
straight through decades
and now I'll be there
to strip them back bare
you've covered distance
in a wasteland for spare moments
while you counted them down
now I'm counting you out.
While I'm ca$hing on in.

You kept looking
for the least amount
you can afford to give

You played the cards
close to your chest
closer than I'd guess
but now it's coming out
and you're such a fucking mess.
I'm planning to clean up your act
while making a big splash
a tidy sum
a neat idea
and a nice try.

You think you've seen it all before
and want to leave me there, at that
you think you saw me coming
but couldn't have,
when you're just as blind as a bat.

I'll say it one more time
so you can be sure
I tell you the past has passed,

and I
am not afraid
of you





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