Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Nuetronium Alchemy -16/02/2010


I keep looking,

For the camera,
that can be dropped
without breaking
the drinking bout,
without the hangover
the lay,
that comes without the wet patch
the workout,
that will-just-will itself out of me
like a twenty,
that never leaves my wallet,

No matter how I waste it.

I keep looking
For the listener
who doesn’t need me
to listen back
the accusation
I can hurl down a one way street
the type of lies
lies I can hide behind me
that stay being believed
without any more interference.

But all I found
is pets that need feeding
overdue fines
empty fridges
expired excuses

staring back
as one of those cameras,

I keep dropping.


I really, really wanted to call this "Alchemist" but I didn't want any reference or association to that pseudo self-help novel under that same title. And as it is, shout out to Peter F Hamilton and his amazing novel trilogy, though having nothing at all to do with this piece or where it came from.

As for that content... it's all yours to rummage through.



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