Monday, February 22, 2010

Hold That Thought -25/02/2010


Wanted it all to be


in the way we held hands.

I wanted you to hold my hand

like cars are held at stop signs

so they don't cause accidents,

like genies held down in bottles

so they don't cause trouble,

the same way mistrust

holds our throats

in place

right where they are

without a problem.

I wanted to hold your hand

like a face holds a smile,

like a cup can hold

whatever you need it to,

like the first bits of unfinished thoughts

can hold on

waiting for their other halves



and confidently.

Felt that contact

wanting to grab on

to something real

something helpful,

something outside

my own finger-skin.

But retaliation

reached for me

in ways that


never did.

I wanted us to hold hands


hold them away

ways-away from sarcasm

or movie lines

or poetic phrasing

or clever.

Anything clever

anything that required thinking.

Because whatever fingertips

can help you to figure out,

there’s no clever way

to hold someone else' hand


at least,

I don't think there is.




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