Sunday, April 19, 2015

feet first - 20/04/2015


I want to shoot first
reschedule our thing
to never
call someone just to tell them
not to call me again
lecture people on how
they shouldn't lecture people
call all the optimists
start a conversation
just to kill it
open a door
just to slam it

sit here in the mess
preserve my indignity
as a crime scene
waiting for you to come look
waiting to be right
about something
about anything
accuse the room
with all the told-you-so
accumulated cred
of a post natural disaster

none of these things
I do
interior monlogue slips gears
out of necessity
out of the front door
and pushed into breaking
the cycle

another ride
there's nothing to be right about
out here I
sing just as badly
as I do loudly

flaunt traffic safety
dress dark
sweat through the rain
go really-really fast
really far
until there's no more go

I uh, probably just neeeded
a little air
I need that a lot
forgot what
I was so worked about
as I remember

how much I love cycling




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