Saturday, January 3, 2015

Treeless Plain - 16/04/2015


kiss her
as if it's the last time you ever will kiss her
because it is

kiss her
as if it's the first time you kissed her
charged unforgettable
all urgency and yearning
all peaceful and tender
all hungry calmness
all leaping in to still
all of the things
that don't make sense
is how you two ended up

don't tell her how much
hiw badly you needed this
because need is bad word
that will come out... badly
wrongly, sorely
besides man...
she knows already
it's written in the feel
of your lips
on hers

treat this moment the same
as you did that post-coital rush to blurt out
stupid questions
and reassuring statements
that is to say, don't say any of it
this moment
trust that all that dumb of yours
will dissolve away

mouth none of the stupid
platitudes and promises
that crowd your throat
because they don't fit your face
without using a smirk

okay say one maybe like- I'll never forget you
because that's at least true
...yeah try not to smirk though
tears won't follow far behind

but don't be afraid to say
how crazy
unlikely it was
because she'll agree
and you'll both laugh last

say goodbye without the actual words 'goodbye'
use a smile, a big smile
one that reaches your eyes
like one of those ones
she kissed off your face
a few times before
because that's the last thing of you she'll see

ignore the desert winds howling all around you two
because what wind

kiss her one last last time
and again
and take it slow
and who cares who's watching
and then another last time
because you can

make it hard for yourself
because intimate moments in vast open spaces are easy

but goodbyes are hard

- - -

don't write poems in your head noe
while this is all happening
trust that they'll come later

if you still find yourself
days later
bursting into smiles
in the middle of nowhere
for no apparent reason
don't worry

somewhere else
someone else
is probably doing the same

and not for the last time




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