Saturday, November 16, 2013

Scott Morrison, stop making it easy. -16/11/2013

there is nowhere else we can go

I can't really debate with you
the if
or the why
that this is wrong

I can't move to a maybe
or wriggle a little on
the pros and cons

a crippled four year old
girl who has escaped
persecution, torture
and death
was imprisoned
then deported
to an offshore
concentration camp
by our country

...I mean I got nuthin'

do y'need me to draw you a picture?

there is nowhere else we can go

because here we are
a croaked coalmine canary
invading Poland
down a river not reaching
the sea, don't you
Australia, see
however it started
this is happening now
and you can either see by now

the machine is broken
for yourself
or you are incapable
of ever seeing that

nowhere else to go

we hold these truths
to be
self evident.

you say, well
moral outrage is just
so easy in this case
I ask you in return

why should
how could
moral outrage
at this 

possibly be that hard?




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