Friday, July 27, 2012

Missive to the her-shaped hole -27/07/2012


miss her in the curve of some other girl's smile

in the half-awake intrusions
she makes across from memory
into my solitary sleep shifts

miss her in spaces I arrange neatly
around the absence
making her-shaped holes

still look like a mess

in a thousand laughing photographs
I can no longer look at

and on the outsider's edge
of all the in-jokes

I can no longer share




1 comment:

msdebbie said...

This one popped into my head while I was reading your melancholy musing:

Miss her between the cracks
of hands that want her
here, whisper-near, with me.

Anyway, like it a lot! Even if a mourning mess is building, it ain't no bad thing for your writing Randall!