Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Unwriting Your Resume -14/12/2011


you see the fearful

fuck themselves limp
for Friday night
for car starts and spaces to park
to get red light angry
go green light tyred
bottling up their last sunlight
draining it into repayments
of TV reruns

and you
don't want to be one
of them

eating away at a debt
to starve off that fear
seeking supermarket aisle asylum
to hide from opportunity lost
humping the road to keep
from careening off it
even faster

and faster chase happily ever after
fearful down the fairy trail
looking to put a ring on a finger
to hide from a monster under the bed

you see the fearful
and you don't to be one
of them

having your own name
advertised back to you and how

they really
fight off fear
smoking cigarettes outside the hospital
only reading from a television screen
staying in touch just a text
with the word 'contact'
now simply something numbered
and punched into phone pads

you see the fearful
stalked by time
making them
for a savior

and you...
you are scared too
you don't want them
to be you

with only stomach on your mind
or a wishlist of things
you don't need to buy
people you don't need to do
things not to say
and reminders to yourself
to forget about all this

this fear
stops here

so tomorrow,
wash all their filth away
by getting just a little dirtier
carve into your blunt fear
attack it berserker

don't phone a friend
just in case they have the answer
go without words most of the day
to see what it says

waste whatever big chunk of time
you got left
just so
you can let that fucking clock know

you're no longer afraid of it




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Antares said...

Phew! Felt the energy surge... what prompted this outburst, I wonder?