Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Home Boy –20/10/2009

(originally written circa June/July 2008)

And when the dust finally unsettled,

When my unwritten epilogues,
Started staring competitions,
With my unstated intentions…
Rocking the liberty bell until it broke,
As I bottomed-out the bell curve with all my back paddling,
It was time.

And while time saved stitching in zip locker bags,
I wasted oceans just watching,
Sunset over seas of water-course-language,
And I swear…

I’ll never go back there again.

By the time my voice was found,
Unpacking these poor metaphors,
Once lost somewhere in the baggage,
It was already time to move on.

Back in Morocco,
I never made it to Casablanca,
Ran right out of time,
So we never really had Paris either,
But it sounded good,
Beautiful friendships,

Going ahead at these break neck speeds,
And like Rick said,
I stick my neck out for no one.

Seeing road signs,
That point to nowhere,
Or back to themselves,
In this tautological limp back ho-
-I mean,
...to where I came from.

So I need reminding,
With some directions at hand,
That this is where I’m at,
I am home,






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