Friday, October 9, 2009

Digest-ation 10/10/09


You are still there,
In another place that looks like the last,
Dizzy stagger busy,
Never enough of this I've-had-enough-of-this binge,
Vomitting up where your alones' left off.

Leaving you where every street walks back,
To every map the wrong way turned,
To every bus ticket and train station,
To every pillow talked through,
Striking back at dawn,
Like a Big Mac eaten ten minutes ago,
It didn't seem to even touch the sides,
And now...

You are already wanting another one.

This sky-scraping sky-line,
Reminds you of so many others,
Would take ten nights of conversations,
To outline them all,
You don't have that many left in you,
And not one single ear besides yours,
That is willing to listen,
Can hear a grumbling from my mid-section,
You are hungry,

Looking at all those lights left on,
Burning what energy this species has left,
Needless and afraid of the dark,
Stuck so high beyond reach,
And from this empty place you stomach,
Everything known,

Just comes down to an appetite, returning.




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