Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Two Thousand Eight -31/12/2008


This year,
I could almost count,
Intimate encounters had,
On one hand,
That weren't with that hand,
On the other hand,
I can count this year itself,
As the best one,
I've ever had.

This year gone,
It saw stock markets fall,
My dollar decreases,
In the crisies',
Then at least,
As a stock, my own life's-value,
Split and sky-rocketed ten fold,
Through its experiences,
Not that I would trade it,
For anything else.

This year,
Found my voice,
Yelling hoarse,
As I learned the lyrics of alone,
Off by heart,
Singing all the words in the rain,
Washed me clean across,
Forty-three cities' streets,
And two overnight sleeper trains.

That weather now on my face,
One year sunrises,
Five continents later,
They used to say I looked young for my age,
This year,
No one says that anymore.

They say,
In so many words,
I'm heir apparent,
To the outrageously fortunate,
To a life now taken hold,
A year later not feeling so old,
As I used to.

One year,
Once around the sun on this planet we go,
And I've made friends all over it,
From all over it.

Life, time,
You can feel pieces of them both,
Twinned in every breath you take,
Inhale it all from the air through nostrils,
And out again from your mouth,
You can renew,
These gratitudes,
There in every breath,
Or take them as simple platitudes,
Down to your death.

I'm thankful,
For it all,
End of year you old acquaintances,
Are not forgotten,
You friends I've never met, yet,
I'm writing a general 'thank you',
To this life,
That is only and that is the least,
I can do.

I, we, Us,
Got a lot to celebrate,
From this year passing,
Two thousand and eight,

It's been the greatest, funnest, crasiest, bestest year I've had, to date.


In 2008, I've had a year that can barely, scarcely, poorly be contained within that four letter word. So, wherever, whoever and however you are, in whatever circumstance you find yourself in today, in this life, you have my best wishes, and hopes. May you find whatever it is that make you smile. Twice over.


1 comment:

Pascale said...

Well Steve, with this poem you nailed it!

Two-Thousand-Eight.. also the BEST year of my LIFE!
We are so so SO lucky to have just gotten on that plane & dived into the unknown. To grab life & 'squeeze it' - like you say.

I just hope there will be more years like this one to come. Many more!

We will always continue to learn, and i am now even more aware that we should not rush, because it IS the journey not the arrival that matters most!