Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Not With You At You -29/12/2008


Laugh yourself in half,
Laugh like a life raft,
At long last,
Or a parachute catching your up-draught.

Laugh like there's enough left in the cup,
Then laugh yourself the right side up,
Laugh like it’s all you know how to do,
Like that laughter can save you,
Giggles going to see-you-through.

Laugh like you’re the left-over,
Wedding feasts from funeral meats,
Laugh like the unconscionable king,
Or the lunatic on the grass,
And chuckle like slips over a sly word,
Laugh like the black cloud,
Lines lining the silver tongue,
Licking laughs off your cheeks,
With whipped cream,
In wet dreams,
Down streams that break at the seams.

Laugh like error-mongers,

Sucking vampires of their follies,
Laugh like the drunken monkeys,
Riding schooners,
High speed into brick walls,
Then arguing with the conductor,
For more change,
Exact change,
To the deranged.

Your wicked witchcraft.

Or I’ll hurt you.
And laugh ‘til it hurts you.

Laugh like it’s gonna flesh you out,
Dig you in,
Fill you up,
Taking hand-biting feeds,
On your chin,
Hold your humour within,
My bad taste,

I said laugh, fucker,



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