Sunday, April 16, 2017

Some Things in the Basement - 16/04/2017


been thinking about writing again
If I knew even roughly what about
I probably wouldn't feel the urge, to

not about what you people elected
not about salubrious privilege
nor all my licentious rage
or penning more hate mail
to my love life
don't want to broadcast-intimacy
that's been covered

it's love letters left unwritten
to whatever this is
waking me up nights
things left in the basement
when I was busy kicking out everybody

outfits that don't fit and never did
another person's shoes without a full lap
ever done in
footnotes to self reference
sweat stains left on attitudes unassuming
expired medication
a complete collection of mistakes
in their original packaging

unfinished model kits of ships I missed
star vehicles
scaled-down in swapped out boxes
abandoned mid assembly
thinking I needed more company

want to write hate mail
to these piles of blank paper left
amongst all the neatly metaphors
ink by the barrel in weaker moments
now congealed

kept enough strength however
to twist open these pots of paint
find some other colours besides
the ones others have already covered

fucking mess down-
there's lots of bad debt
I don't care
to collect on
discord conducted along mic cords
happily given away
conversations I cannot hear
between those who believe
the Earth speaks to them

it doesn't speak to me
goes without saying
there's a lot to be said
for keeping your mouth shut
when you don't have much
to add to all their negativity

nevertheless I've been thinking
about writing again
knowing that if I knew why I wanted to
I probably wouldn't need to

this isn't a promise
and though you may take it that way
not a threat either
never threatened anybody
just embarrassed them good'n'proper

a little embarrassed myself right now
which isn't a bad way to start

    that is ...if that is, what this is.


- Peace


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