Sunday, August 25, 2013

Carriage -(redux) 26/08/2013


leaving with a tomato juice, like a big one

overflow of dirty clothes
from a cheap bag
stitching already strained
sweat stained cynicism
collars like the hug
that has agreed
to disagree with me

mostly empty carriage
waiting for doors to close
on our old shared sights
snatched back by a greedy past
while my phone loses charge

this was a backwards place
to get back to
transport terrible
quiet carriage announcement
echoing other half of an us:

I was up here
to make sure
you were no longer

train also leaving soon
maybe not soon
enough we learned
about each other
for crossfires to cancel out
the difference
split it
is with-
out you

a mostly empty carriage
window scratched graff
past sunset and nothing seen
out but black-
bars fade fast
and no way to plug in

goodbye Brisbane
the place you had with me
is gone

and won't be coming back.


hmm, I keep playing with this, oscillating between making it more and less opaque in the story. Definite work in progress this one.



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