Friday, February 8, 2013

Tautology For Beginners -09/02/2013


hand on shoulder
daydream interrupted
by a smiling face
and altruistic eyes
hovering over my table

"don't look so serious"

the words lunge at me
my eyes bolt beady from his
clue hunting in the wild
amongst the thick of cafe tables
desperate to know
what my face was doing
to warrant this attention

    (must have been something bad)

averted eyes and blank faces
from other patrons
surreptitiously watching us

   (yeah, must have been really bad)

there's a calm concern
deep ease emanating for this dude
that really freaks me out

our two faces tango over the table
the smiles I try forming
to reassure him
trip over every word
trying to leave my mouth
each stumble between question and excuse
and land in the air as

he retreats with a thumb-up
taking his serene disposition
off down the street
leaving me to glare
desperate pleas of innocence
into his back

the afternoon is drowning
in deep misunderstandings
before this

I thought I was having a nice day




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