Saturday, October 6, 2012

At The Barn -7/10/2012


rooftop bathtub
podcast hip hop
graffiti and pot plants
rollies over old stories

reconstructing last evening
longneck for a hangover
chopped veggies for the soup
vapours from stove-top chai

and someone tagged the bread loaf

upstairs kitchen opens
on to old pallets gangplanks
and four states worth
of friends you haven't seen for years

      y'dropped your pocket

                  this is what we do

                          mate, get off the gear

                                    bench a hard one

injokes hang in the air
like bike parts over
racks of old costumes
and these scattered mattress'

while wet shoes
dry slow in the sun
and camera-nerds
are making plans

for an illegal evening.


More photos (here)



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