Thursday, August 30, 2012

Impersonation -30/08/2012


funny how seriously
we take ourselves

wearing my conviction
like a rental suit
I couldn't afford
to get any more shit on

it never fit, right
must've looked ridiculous
like a misspelled number
thumbs up opposable
with nobody even noticing

it’s me
fit in tailor made

trying to look
trying to look
trying to look
like I don't care
what I look like

trying to look like
I don't need you
trying to look like
I don't need you
to save me

so that you will
save me
if you can’t
can you at least
stop me

stop me
from trying
to stop you
from noticing

I feel so stupid all the time

...and it is stupid
I know you can't save me
I don't know if I need saving
I don't even know
what it is
I need saving from

maybe I just need to strip off 
unsuitable convictions
and roll around naked in the shit
laugh at how funny 
everyone else looks
for bothering to watch me

I don't know
where I'm going with this
or where that leaves us
and sorry for taking you
to such a strange space
you're itching to leave I know
but look seriously lost

well I know
the way out
and can
take you with me
just as long
as you can

not to take me seriously




1 comment:

msdebbie said...

I tell you something Randall - every poem I read by you lately, it is so easy to tell how good they would sound in person. The subtle rhymes, effective repetition and excellent rhythm. Your writing has strengthened a lot (imho)! As for taking you seriously - nah, never! - but much to like here. I really, really dig the places you're spilling ink these days. Gold x