Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I Blame Smarty -3/11/2011


walking in two hours late
to find him tabling for two
evening's second jug sitting
with a spare seat thirsty
and conspicuously vacant second glass
with my name on it

while his name
and picture
grace the hoodie I'm wearing
and with all this BFF-BS
we must look cute between the hugs
if only anyone was watching us
but not gay
'cause us cats done tried out that routine once
to get cheap lap dances -didn't work

bromance doesn't apply to us either
we're already individually far too melodramatic
to have that shit stick
we've got sentiment on wholesale
piled up into smiles
but can't move the stock
off these docks
not with all the... strikes
we work through

chicks see us coming every time
mixed metaphors with in-jokes
last smokes and new hopes
handed enough rope
to hang ourselves, around 'til close
pros at prose
but everybody knows
we're just a mess
joined at the hip-pocket
just as broke as we've gone for
across this country
two-crumpled faces into bus tickets
trench coats and memorised poetry lines
that you forget
that you'll forget
when you get that drunk

and we always get that drunk
and we always stay that late
and we're always getting stuck
but never for something to say
with much between us we don't need to say

like I'm saying (hiccup)
that about the best luck
either of us
has ever had
is that once
we were lucky enough


to have met each other

...and a great hoodie it is too, check out Smarty's home shopping network here. Can't go spelling shameless without me.




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Anonymous said...

awwwww, nice to have a feel good, who makes you feel good.