Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Randall $tephens puts mouth where his money is -24/02/2011


Mr Dollars is going to donate any payments or sales he has received while in New Zealand, dollar-for-dollar (i.e for every 1.00 NZ$ I will donate 1.00 AU$) to help the people of Christchurch recover/rebuild from this awful disaster. It's currently around the $500 mark.

I will also be donating my cut and CD sales from the 2 Sydney gigs I'm doing early next week (Text Styles #5 -Monday 28/2 and Word in Hand Tuesday 1/3). As both these gigs have door charge -please tell your Sydney friends to come along.

I'm also thinking about organising reading a selection of my NZ-written poetry as a benefit gig when I get back to Melbourne, if you'd like to be involved (know a venue that could help us?), please get in touch with me ASAP.

My love, condolences and best wishes for the people of Canterbury.



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Catalyst said...

Hey Randall, this is an awesome gesture. We'll do anything we can on this end to help. We're all OK but still a little in shock. Slowly getting power and water back. The first few days were harrowing while we tracked down family & friends. Will put a post up on our blog to let everyone know. Take care, write on.