Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Randall and Smarty Are Taking You For A Ride

Some flyers to prmote our upcoming gig at the Dan O Connell:

After their microphones were taken away,

after the money ran out,

after using up the bar tab before going on stage,

counting the number of berets in the crowd,

getting lost on the way to Lismore,

watching that uninsured windscreen crack get bigger and bigger (and bigger),

after talking philosophy with teenagers at the drive through,

sleeping on the platform waiting for the first train

seeing the best, and worst, performance poets in Australia,

and after visiting Wagga Wagga...

...Steve Smart and Randall $tephens have some stories to tell you.

The two poets who turned the word ‘fuckhead’ into a verb, are now bringing their sleep-deprived synergy developed on the road together back home, as the “Taking Arses and Kickin' Names” tour comes to Melbourne.

A few things will make this Dan O Connell gig special. Because this is Randall’s last Melbourne appearance before embarking on an epic two-month solo tour of New Zealand in early 2011, we’ll be passing around the hat (yes, THE hat!) to help keep him away from us as long as possible.

Also, we’re going to record the event on our brand new whiz-bang crackerjack fancy-pants recorder, for the next CD release. So come along for the chance to have the sound of your confusion, disgust and outrage immortalised in a 4 track, 24-bit 96kHz digital recording.

Tremendous. See you there!





CJ Bowerbird said...

Are you guys coming back to Canberra soon? I would like to hear your witty tales of travel, dirt and debauchery.

Randall $tephens said...

well I was there back in August, and had fun. I reckon I'll come back sometime in 2011, when I've got the next album done, and we've got something new to tour with. Cheers -thanks for reading!