Friday, March 19, 2010

Awake dot Text -20/03/2010

Night shifts
holding me as an over-sized pause
long enough to see the sunrise
with now-cloudy vision.

Desk sleeps
up straight
head pillowed
on the inside of the elbow
which scratches
with the right side
of my stubble.

Skin tastes
all over like paper towel lint
from the last few bathroom visits
everything else inside
crunches like gravel under feet
and sits waiting like coiled wire
for the next instant
coffee cup.

Stomach feels
emptier than all these locked offices
and my body is
just a hard answer now
an unequivocal and terse 'yes'
a recoiling mass made up
from otherwise easy
and foul language,
that rolled off
this tired old tongue.

I swear.

Eyeballs grind
around inside their sockets
scowling out fatigue
facial features carved
out of these behind-enemy-lines
flaring nostril accompaniment
for a flatulence
no lover could forgive.

Ears absorb
all of St Kilda's night
the raspy whine
of a door's needy hinges
the breathing traffic bottlenecks
the pathetically-drunk
hopelessly-English backpacker
click clack clump

From here
I can hear
everything right down to
and every individual
fluorescent lights vibration
as they
all-together have tried
to sponge up the sound of
and every individual
from down these back streets.

I want to fuck
anything that moves
suddenly those sounds burst my bubble
every explanation crumbles
and I'll suddenly stumble
even when sitting

One night
I swear
I'm gonna get up
on two fucking legs
and out
into that unquiet night
follow and find
one of those horrendous
and individual

never get to me
some of the silences after

And they do.

They do
and pretty bad too
I have fought off sleep
to let the hours through
as each has then reached
in to me,

just too damn deep.


Sorry, I had to write something.



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