Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Carrier -23/09/2009


“Brother, I am your moments...”

-Jon Sands, (I Am) Being Human Being

My end will come without an encore,
Life without the after-party,
No happily ever-on,
Second Samsara spin,
Or magical reset button,
All I believe to be at stake here,
Is what I am carrying from one moment,
To the next.

A moment in time,
Is all life has ever been,
Or ever will be.

Seen so many who need to believe,
In more than what they seem to be.
I have seen nothing else,
Nor am I looking,
My beliefs are based on the empirical,
The infinitely re-testable and watertight,
So they stretch about the length of my arms,
As far as my feet,
As high as the hat on my head.

But that body of beliefs, has left me right where I started,
If the only spirit I have is in a bottle,
How can I work to become more than what I am,
Without believing that-that more, is possible?

Find me then in my footprints,
Expressed here in thoughts and ideas,
In the photographs,
And times that we touched,
Anything I have to give,
I will allow that to be called my spirit,
For wont of a definition’s better fit.

So I will be here, right here,
And after death these words will become,
What I was,
These words are the spirit,
Of what I am.

Until then my life is an embrace of moments,
-This moment-
Carrying my experience of it over,
To the next one,
And that,
Is enough for anyone to carry,
Your only real possession,
Yet the most impossible of all things you ever try,
To hold on to.

A wealth beyond cataloguing,
My life will come to contain itself,
In spirit,
In any moment,
That I have chosen,
To write these things,

To you.




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