Sunday, May 10, 2009

Speculative Fictions -06.05.2009

Seen it all, fictions from the science,
Slingshot courses around gas giants,
Seen orbital mining, solar flairs,
Diving nebulas into cityscapes,
In zero gravity force fields,
Deflected phaser fire with energy shields.

I’ve seen creature gestations on space stations,
Hosting hordes of molecular acid alien invasions,
Enemy fleets meet for epic space battles,
Back paddle, clone DNA from back in the day,
When I saw the finest galaxies of my generation destroyed,
By android paranoid conspiracy theories.

Timed travelling future shocks augmented by cybernetic implants,
While the evil corporation's colonization,
Continue terra-forming the resistances hidden secrets.

The archetypal young hero Baptist-John's prodgiy,
Usually according to the standard-affair prophecies,
A darkness-reigns universe,
That he needs to be put in reverse,
I've seen these many scenes spaced-out,
Filled up with doubts,
Of the silent heroes ability to best,
The super villain nemesis,
Linked on branches of the family tree, secretly,
Plot twisting past plot-holes in popular fiction back stories,
Character developments of annoying-comic-relief-sidekicks,
Distopian consciousness beliefs suspended in virus-time-space-rifted-hyper-driven-faster-than-light-blackhole-space-pilots-pirating-who-get-the-girls-into-fantasy-hydro-rocket-fusion-reactor-planes.

And my brain,
Itself last seen on the planet Tatooine,
A passage from Arakis to colony LV 426,
Before touching down on Cardassia Prime one last time.

I’ve seen it all,
And no matter what changes with age,
These places still all hold the status,
Of being my own planets.

Have been my homeworlds,
And that,

Is where I’m coming from.



So I wrote a draft of this back in July last year on the road while having some prety bad withdrawal from my DVD collection, and tweaked it a little for use in a Star Wars themed poetry slam I participated in recently ~ though I didn't manage to finish reading it for heckling and disapproving sounds from the audience, which I responded to by yelling abuse at the audience en masse. So here in blog-form my affectionate tribute to sci-fi finally has a home, and in you gentle reader, an audience that can't fluster me quite so easily on paper... or pixels.



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