Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Memory -31/03/2009

I forgot my lines,


I lost that declaration,
Practiced amidst the glow of yellow streets,
And puddles on the asphalt,
I forgot everything that I had rehearsed with them earlier,
That I was going to say, to you.

The words are all gone,
And I recognise the hole in my head,
Left behind there in a head of beer,
The slant not right,
Into the glass,
I talked around a circumnavigations circumspection,
I had a word for every step,
To walk me into the centre.

It was going to strip back paint,
Get the tough stains out,
Flood valleys from the safe lookout,
Of raised eyebrows,
Was going to melt ice butter lead,
Leave some precious little unsaid.

Oh, I had some words for you,
I made them, tailored to your fit,
So you could clothe yourself,
In my conversation,
And we could dance,
Inside a dialogue.

I had this whole speech to give you,
Now I forgot it.

My lines were going to capture you,
Wrap you up in rhyming rhetorical rhythms,
And a few reasons, too.

Yeah I had you all in few phrases,
Carefully chosen as moments,
Your likeness was going to be described,
Like I had photographed you,
In the best-est light,
At just the right moment,
I think.

You know,
These were the lines that I had in mind then,
Ready to go,
But when I reached into my memory to find them,
All it brought back up,
Was just a few mumbles into my chest,
Spilling into an empty cup,
And I forget the rest.

It was a lot, that everything, that I was going to say,
Remember almost nothing now of it,
Only a bit about it,
That it was going to be...
Really good,

As I remember it,
It was going to be worth hearing.


Goodbye, India.



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