Saturday, November 29, 2008

Taking -23/11/2008

"He thought -while his hand moved rapidly- what a power there was in words; later, for those who heard them, but first for the one who found them; a healing power, a solution, like the breaking of a barrier. He thought, perhaps, the basic secret the scientists have never discovered, the first fount of life, is that which happens when a thought takes shape in words."
-Ayn Rand, The Fountainhead.

TAKING -23/11/2008

The End.

Drinking from the fountainhead,
Through a funnel,
A well going dark and deep,
Found and dove into it.

Excavating eyes drill through the sediment,
The wanting,
The wanderings,
The boy who wants to steal words,
Heart, back.

Needs I don’t want,
Wanting for what I don’t need.
Terrible in its aspects,
Treacherous in its aims.

There is an escape velocity,
In a breathing exercise,
When the self is inhaled,
Then expelled over,
And over.

Until it’s over,
These impressions… are mine.
These words are mine.
This page.
This moment.
This man.

It’s all mine.
Whether or not it belongs at all,
It all belongs to me.

It cannot be taken,
Nor could I give it away.
Only take to,
Summoning the shoves,
To give to its own life.

This breath in all directions,
This breath is my sole directive,
Needing only in its execution,
The next moment to pass.
Counting up, down,
On nothing.

Breaking admiration,
By its back,
Love is that funnel,
My love, is my life,
My object is me.
Apologist for nothing,
Forever vulnerable,
Always indestructible,

I put this forth,
As creations common denominator,
Lower than all else cancelled out,
The simplest number one.

Something found and won,
In a race to lose all else late,
To fall harder,
Impact more brutally,
and most honestly.

I’m writing this,
For me,
To me,
Not attempt neither finding,
Nor losing,

But simply to acknowledge and honor,


Ayn Rand's "The Fountainhead", the Himalayas, Solo trekking, Pre-disposition to self obsession, atheism, some perverted idea from Buddhism, and lack (nay, veritable drought) of intelligent conversation for the preceding few days or so... and YOU, gentle reader can be become and Objectivist too. And yes indeed, the uh.. "rapid hand movement" I retained for the opening quote can be thrown right back at me. ;-)



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